ESPY: Kim Clavel receives the Pat-Tillman Prize

Because of the COVID pandemic – 19, Kim Clavel did not have the honor to go on the stage of the gala ESPY, on Sunday, to receive the Pat-Tillman Prize to reward his involvement in the community. However, the circumstances surrounding the honor bestowed on her moved her as much if not more.

The Canadian Press

In a video broadcast during the ceremony broadcast by ESPN, we can see Clavel, seated at a table, opening his laptop to discover a video message from his grandmother.

“Hello my beautiful Kim. Today I have a little something to tell you. I have the honor to announce that you are receiving the Pat-Tillman Award. Accept this award with pride, that you greatly deserve, for this great work that you do with love and passion. I love you Kim. “

“I didn’t expect that! “Could not help but say Clavel, visibly touched by the gesture of his grandmother.

” This is serious ? If I need motivation, I'll watch this trophy. Thank you so much ! “, She added, with a radiant smile.

A few minutes earlier, during the broadcast of the video during the gala, Clavel had spoken of his grandmother in glowing terms.

“My grandmother is my motivation. She is the pillar of the family. Before each fight, my grandmother sends me a text that motivates me so much, “said Clavel.

The 29 year-old boxer from Joliette, NABF lightweight champion, received this honor after having decided to return to her nursing position when the Coronavirus pandemic interrupted her boxing career.

The award, given in memory of the former NFL player and former member of the United States military, honors a person “with a strong connection to the sport that has served others in a way that echoing Tillman's legacy. “

“By choosing to return to the front line of healthcare in the heart of an unprecedented global pandemic, Kim embodies the spirit of service, duty and altruism that Pat embodied,” commented Marie Tillman, Tillman's widow who is Chair of the Board of Directors and co-founder of the Pat Tillman Foundation, when the identity of the winner is revealed.

“Despite the dangers of COVID and the shelving of his nascent boxing career, Kim has chosen to focus his energy on those who need it most. On behalf of Pat, we are honored to present the Tillman Award to Kim for his involvement and leadership in his work in healthcare throughout this crisis. “

Clavel (11 – 0-0 with two knockouts.) Won a unanimous decision against the Mexican Esmeralda Gaona Sagahon in December in Montreal to get hold of the vacant NABF title for 108 books.

Clavel had to face former WBC and IFC champion Esmeralda Moreno in an untitled fight during the main event of a program in Montreal on 21 March. It was supposed to be Clavel’s first fight with his new promoter, Yvon Michel.

“It was really an important fight,” said Clavel, who brought training partners from Mexico to prepare. I had a very, very good training camp. I spent a lot of money on it. “

But the fight was canceled a week before and Clavel swapped his boxing gloves for his nursing uniform.

“A different fight,” admitted Clavel, who started working the same day she was supposed to be in the ring.

The boxer said that the cancellation of the fight had initially saddened her. But she saw things differently a few days later.

“I said to myself: OK, I'm in good health, I have two arms, two legs and I can make a difference. I want to do it. “

In the video broadcast on Sunday evening, Clavel stated that she was not at all afraid of COVID – 19, on which she focuses all his energy.

“I know I can be infected, but I'm not afraid. My need to help is greater than my fear. “

“Boxing will come back, but right now, I can say that the pandemic is my main fight. I think it’s the hardest fight I’ve had. “