Deconfinement: boxing will have to wait a little longer

(Montreal) Boxing and the other combat sports will have to take their pain in patience: they are still not part of the sectors unconfined by Quebec Public Health .

Frédéric Daigle

The Canadian Press

The Director of Public Health, D r Horacio Arruda, announced Thursday that bars, aquatic complexes, spas, casinos and houses tourist accommodation establishments and service companies will be able to resume their activities.

Only three sectors are still prohibited: festivals and large gatherings, holiday camps with extended stays and sports fights.

This is not exactly the announcement hoped for by boxing promoters in the province, including Camille Estephan, from Eye of the Tiger Management, who wanted to organize a closed-door gala on 18 next July.


Camille Estephan

“We must be patient,” he told The Canadian Press. We are now targeting the date of 24 July. We have reason to believe that next week we will have good news. “

“They do things in stages and we are just not there to deconfigure combat sports. But if you can play hockey with all that that implies, I don't see why combat sports are still excluded. “

On the side of Groupe Yvon Michel, its president, Yvon Michel, declared last week that it wished to organize a fight in Quebec in September, still in behind closed doors. Comments could not be obtained on Thursday.